Opening Day, 1948
Memories of Delbert Spurlock
   I was recently contacted by Delbert Spurlock of Reston, 
Virginia who attended the Buckeyes Opening Day
double-header on May 9, 1948.  He was 7 at the time and
living in Oberlin, Ohio and went to the game with his
father and uncle.
    He asked his Dad to point out Larry Doby (who was 
Delbert's favorite player and who played for the Indians
then) and his Dad told him that Doby wasn't there as
they were at a Buckeyes game instead.
    The Buckeyes played the Birmingham Black Barons that
day.  The picture at the right shows the Barons' Manager 
and Second Baseman, Lorenzo "Piper" Davis, sliding into
Third Base as the Buckeyes' Clyde Nelson tries to tag him
      Delbert's seat was up high and he had to stand up all game to 
see and he told me "The cigar smoke was thick and, yes, it was a 
a raucous, but good natured crowd."  He also described the Baron's
uniforms to be a darker gray/blue than the visiting teams 
he saw at Indians games later that year.                                             
      To the left is the line scores of the two games with some 
 game notes.