1945 Championship Season - The Season Begins
	  The Buckeyes start their season on May 6th in Birmingham.  They split the Sunday 
double-header with the Black Barons, winning the first game 4-0 behind the shutout 
pitching of Eugene Bremer. The Buckeyes lost the second game 9-3.        
         The following Sunday, the Buckeyes beat the Chicago American Giants 9-8 in Dayton 
before 2,500 fans during the day and also played that evening in Indianapolis 
against the American Giants before 5,000 fans and beating the American Giants 14-2.  
Sam Jethroe hit a 3-run home run in the Dayton game and the Buckeyes scored
nine runs in the fifth inning of the game in Indianapolis.
        On May 20th, the Buckeyes once again beat the Chicago American Giants in Dayton 
by the score of 9-7 behind home runs by Jethroe and Canizares. The Buckeyes finally 
come home to Cleveland for their double-header home opener on May 27th.  
        Going into that weekend, the Buckeyes are 4-1 and tied with Memphis 
and Kansas City for first place.
Two of the Buckeyes pitchers with early season success are 
pictured here - Eugene Bremer (left) and George Jefferson

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