The first weekend in June, 1945 saw rain postpone games between the Buckeyes and the Clowns.  The Buckeyes then took a road trip winning three of four games with the Clowns and winning six of eight games against the Memphis Red Sox.  The Buckeyes come home to play the Chicago American Giants and fireworks ensue.

     The Buckeyes host the Chicago American Giants for a doubleheader on Sunday, June 17th.  The first game goes into extra innings.  With bases loaded in the bottom of the 13th and nobody out, Buckeye's third baseman Parnell Woods comes to the plate.  He hit a grounder to the American Giants' shortstop who threw home.


        As you can clearly see, the runner, Avelino Canizares, is forced out at home. Or was he?  Umpire Harry Walker called him safe and the Buckeyes won the game.  After the call, three Chicago players grabbed and were about to strike the umpire when Cleveland's finest were able to intervene.  It took a while but eventually peace was restored and the second game was played.

     The American Giants got their revenge in the second game beating the Buckeyes 6-1.  As you can see from the photo of the play at the plate, the umpire was white.  This was the norm for the Negro Leagues, to have white umpires.   

     The standings going into the June 23rd weekend of 1945.                 

         Negro American League     W      L      Pct.
         Cleveland Buckeyes     17      5     .773
         Birmingham Black Barons     14      9     .609
         Kansas City Monarchs     14      9     .609
         Chicago American Giants     11    11     .500
         Memphis Red Sox       7    18     .280

         Indianapolis-Cincinnati Clowns

      5    16     .238

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