1945 Championship Season - The Season Begins
       The Buckeyes start their season on May 6th in Birmingham.  They split the Sunday double-header with the 
Black Barons, winning the first game 4-0 behind the shutout pitching of Eugene Bremer and losing the second  
game 9-3 .  
        The following Sunday, the Buckeyes beat the Chicago American Giants 9-8 before 2,500 fans during the day 
and played that evening in Indianapolis against the American Giants before 5,000 fans and beating the American 
Giants  14-2.  Sam Jethroe hit a 3-run home run in the Dayton game and the Buckeyes scored 9 runs in the fifth 
inning in the game in Indianapolis.
        On May 20th, the Buckeyes once again beat the Chicago American Giants in Dayton by the score of 9-7 behind 
home runs by Jethroe and Canizares. The Buckeyes finally come home to Cleveland for their double-header home 
opener on May 27th.  
        Going into that weekend, the Buckeyes are 4-1 and  tied with Memphis and Kansas City for first place.
Two of the Buckeyes pitchers with early season success are pictured here - 
Eugene Bremer (left) and George Jefferson

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