1945 Championship Season Chronology
      As many of you know, I am a big baseball fan, especially of 
Cleveland baseball.  This page is dedicated to the players that
played for the Negro League team that played in Cleveland from 
1942 through 1948.

      The Cleveland Buckeyes won the 1945 Negro League World 
Series as well as the 1947 Negro American League Championship.
       Most of the Buckeyes games were played at League Park and you
can learn more about League Park by clicking on the Historical
Marker Photo.

       With the long overdue integration of Major League baseball, the
Negro League soon became a distant memory and most of the players
and teams never received their proper recognition.

        This website is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly
and will showcase these ballplayers, the team and the city of
Cleveland during their time.  I hope you enjoy visiting this page and
come back regularly.

        If you have any information or stories about the Cleveland 
Buckeyes or would like to give me any input about this site, please 
feel free to contact me and share them with me at
1947 Buckeyes Team Photo
1946 Buckeyes Film
1944 Cleveland Buckeye Statistics
1946 Erie, Pa Game Box
1948 Dugout Photo

Fan Memories

Eddie Klep

Buckeyes players die in car accident

The Buckeyes are born (In progress)

Willie Mays in Cleveland

Player Profiles




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